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BikeYoke Squeezy - The probably most bestest looking seatpost clamp in the world

Reviews about: Squeezy

    Thursday, 07. March 2019
    I have installed this on a steel frame with a 34.9 OD. I have tightened it beyond the recommended torque settings and my rigid seatpost still slides it's way down during a ride. I like the idea and the weight but it isn't working for me. Is it designed only for your dropper posts? I also think that having a t20 for the bolt head is a hassle because it isn't a size found on any multi tool I have looked at. Does the bolt being titanium have to do with the torx head?

    Comment from BikeYoke:
    We're sorry to hear, that you had some troubles with our Squeezy.
    A possible explanation could be, that the seattube is following:
    Steel is a lot stiffer than Aluminum. However, our seatpost clamp was also tested on steel frames and it holds up well within the recommended torqued. May I ask, which frame you were using it on and which frame size?
    Did you check, if the seattube was properly reamed to the correct dimension (27.2/30.9/31.6). If the seattube is not properly reamed (even 0.1mm off is too big), then you´d need to overly tighten the clamp. Unfortunatley, we have seen many frame manufacturers not putting enough attention on proper reaming of the seattube.
    This will not only cause issues with lightweight clamps, but also with sub-optimal performance of a sropper post.