Reviews about: Saddle clamp bolt 2.0

    1 out of 5 stars!
    Thursday, January 6, 2022
    I'm a fan of the revive post after my first ride with it. Hopefully will prove durable and serviceable. Have already stripped the saddle clamp bolt though,, even being extremely careful and using a specialty torque wrench for bike service. Metal is WAY too soft, torx standard should be allen IMHO, and head size should be slightly larger to eliminate this potential to strip a brand new bolt well within torque spec.

    BikeYoke comment:
    I believe this must be a random failure. Our bolts are made of hardened steel of 10.9 grade. There are not many harder or stronger materials you can get for a "normal" bolt. Torx head on a bolt is also way superior to an Allen key by any means. We do not see the reason for an Allen Key at all.
    Saddle clamp bolt 2.0