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Reviews about: REVIVE 125 / 31.6

    Monday, 05. November 2018
    The best post. Light, short for travel, on trail bleed if necessary, great saddle clamp, excellent lever, and reliable. I\'ve been using my first one for over a year and bought a second one for another bike 6 months ago. Neither has given a single issue. I only bled the first one once after accidentally extending the post while the bike was upside down. Other than that, both have been bullet proof. Also great that the clamp doesn\'t auto loosen like some other posts.

    I\'m not a fan of the current trend of trashing old seatpost cartridges when there\'s a bubble instead of fixing them. Sure, it\'s maybe cheaper up front, but our sport depends on good environment. Buying a Revive ensures a simple bleed process, no down time, and no unnecessary garbage in a landfill.

    Keep up the good work Bike Yoke!
    REVIVE 125 / 31.6