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BikeYoke Shifty - derailleur tuning par excellance

Reviews about: Shifty

    Wednesday, 11. April 2018
    The Shifty is freakin\\\' brilliant!

    On my particular bike (2017 Trek Remedy 9.9RSL) The SRAM 1x12 drivetrain tolerances are so tight the derailleur has to be in *precisely* the right spot for proper shifting and to not drag on the adjacent cog (or cogs). No amount of fiddling with the barrel adjuster could trim out the problem. The Shifty is so smooth it lets the derailleur settle into exactly the right spot EVERY time, with no more dragging on the adjacent cogs. And it lightened up the shifter action a little too—a nice bonus!

    As mentioned by others, Shifty should have been original equipment from SRAM.

    Get a Shifty...best US$40 you\\\'ll ever spend.