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Reviews about: REVIVE 160 / 30.9

    Tuesday, 19. March 2019
    I ordered this from Canada, and Stefan (Sacki) made sure it was in my hands in only 4 days after placing my order! Top class packaging, shockingly simple installation and set up, and the actuation of the Triggy and post itself are unbelievable smooth!! Haven\'t been out on trails yet, but have spent several hours on my bike and it feels perfectly stiff, with no noticeable rotational movement. Thanks for making such an amazing product that actually addresses the issue with so many posts. The revive feature literally takes 3 seconds, and I\'ve only had to do it once after installation even though I\'ve had my bike in various positions!
    I\'ll update my comment once I get into more aggressive riding in the spring.
    REVIVE 160 / 30.9