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    Sunday, 19. February 2017
    Outstanding bit of kit.
    Fitted this on my Thomson Covert dropper, i never like the original lever so got a KS Southpaw and a grub screw to make my own. This worked well but always felt like it didn\'t belong there.
    Got a triggy in Ispec 2, fitted it in seconds, set up was a breeze and easy to play around with until the right position was found. The action is amazing and the barrel adjuster makes the actuation really sharp, i don\'t like any free stroke in the lever, if i\'m pushing it i\'m doing so for a reason!

    My only two gripes would be that the routing for the tail end of the cable could be better, due to the location of the hole the bend radius of the cable is well and truly exceeded. I couldn\'t get mine all the way through and now have a tiny bent bit of cable sticking out. It does not affect the lever at all and doesn\'t interfere with the operation at all. Its just a cosmetic and picky observation. my other point of note is the use of silver bolts. While this may not bother all people it bothers me! Just fling a black mounting bolt in the bag too so the rider has the option.

    Overall i\'d stop reading this and order one. You wont regret it. Keep up the great work guys and thanks for thinking outside of the box. Tim w.
    Triggy X