Reviews about: REVIVE 2.0 213

    3 out of 5 stars!
    Wednesday, December 29, 2021
    Installation requires that you use their 2mm hex clamp bolt to hold the dropper cable in place at the end of the dropper. If that pinch bolt fails or the cable slips through, it\'s game over. it would be better if they used a dedicated cable end which is already on the end of the supplied cable (instead, you\'re forced to trim that off). The included 4mm reset lever is horribly engineered and literally broke on the first use. Make sure you carry a multi-tool with 4mm hex. It would be nice if the outer surface of the lower part of the post had markings on it...this way when you have to remove the post for any reason, you can take a photo of it before and know exactly where to insert it again. But a little bit of blue painters tape might also do the trick. \r\nSo far, the build quality seems top notch but will have to ride the dropper more long term to get a better assessment on whether the 213mm drop was worth it over say other competitor 200mm or 210mm drop.
    REVIVE 2.0 213