Where is BikeYoke located?
BikeYoke is located in Munich/Germany and we will ship from Germany directly to you.

How do I pay?
You can freely choose to pay either via PayPal, Credit Card or wire transfer.

How much is shipping to my country?
Shipping is free worldwide on all orders over 20€.
For orders below 20€ there will be a fix rate of 5,95€ (incl. 19% VAT) on worldwide shippings.

How do you ship to my country?
We are shipping by Deutsche Post DHL Group, the world´s largest courier service. We can provide a tracking ID on request, so you will be able to check the status of your parcel. Please note, that coverage of online tracking provided by Deutsche Post may vary from country to country.
Your parcel will come with an invoice and if you are from outside the EU we will properly fill in a customs declaration form CN22 and attach it to the outside of the parcel.
Please check, if there is anything else you have to consider to smoothly clear your parcel through customs, if you are from outside EU.

How long does it take to receive my shipment?
Shipping within Germany will usually take around 1-2 working days.
If you live in countries other than Germany, you can check here for more detailed information from Deutsche Post website.
At drop-down menu "Produkt" choose: "Brief/Postkarte"
At drop-down menu "Zielland" please choose your country.
Under "Laufzeiten" it will tell you the estimated delivery time for your selection.
The website will show you an estimated delivery time. Please note, that this is only an estimated delivery time from Deutsche Post. We can not guarantee the delivery time.
Please also note that, depending on the import and customs processes in your country, you may have to add some days due to customs clearence process.
In any case, we will ship after reception of payment. 

Do I have to pay customs fees, import taxes, sales taxes or VAT?
If you live inside European Union there will be no additional cost for you. We imported the product into the EU and the invoice you receive from us with the shipment will be already including 19% German VAT.
If you live outside the European Union, the price you pay to us is lower and does not include any sales taxes or customs fees or import taxes. Please check with your local offices if you will have any additional costs, before or after receiving your BikeYoke and how you have to pay for those extra costs. 
However, we will help you and already fill in the customs declaration form CN22 and attach it on the outside of your parcel to make clearence through customs as smooth as possible from our side.

Why do people outside the EU pay less in the shop?
To answer this question you need to know how sales taxes work here in Germany/EU. In simple words:
When selling a product to a customer inside the EU, the seller collects the 19% VAT of the product price from the customer and the seller forwards those VAT to the local fiscal authorities. 
When selling a product to a customer outside the EU, the seller does not collect the VAT from the customer, so the price, the customer has to pay to us, is lower.
Customers from outside the EU may have different VAT or sales taxes in their home country, and they also might have costs for importing the goods, which they all have to pay to their fiscal authorities before or after importing their products.
We want to be fair to everyone in the world and we want everyone have to pay the same price for the product to us. We do not want to make more or less money just because someone is from a different country.
Please don´t feel bemused by the explanations above. Those points about customs and taxes are all a standard procedure - we just wanted to explain a little bit more in detail and in simple words, how it works.


Why do I need a different shock size than original with a BikeYoke?
Specialized has its own shock mount standard and they do not have a second eyelet, so you can not compare a 216mm Specialized shock with a 216mm standard shock. Our BikeYokes are designed for a specific standard shock length, and the length of the BikeYoke is calculated accordingly to get the same total length as original.
You can find the correct shock length for your bike in our compatibility charts in the article description.

Can I use any shock model, if the lenght is correct?
Due to hundreds of available shocks on the market, we can not guarantee, that every shock fits inside your frame. Sometimes the shock body or piggyback may be too big and interfere with the frame. However, most of the shocks with 12.7mm eyelets will fit in Camber, Enduro, Stumpjumper and SX Trail models. If you are not sure, please contact us, and we will try to help.

Is there any warranty on the BikeYoke for Specialized bikes?
Our BikeYokes come with a regular 2 year warranty, which applies to the original buyer. Your legal rights and contractual warranty claims remain unaffected by this.
However, please note, that you will very likely lose the original warranty on your frame, if you install a BikeYoke instead of the original shock extension, since it is a modification of your frame. 
BikeYoke will not cover any warranty claims on your frame or suspension.
Your warranty is void, when using the BikeYokes in frames or frame models, which your specific BikeYoke is not designed for or with a shock dimension that is not according to our compatibility sheets. For compatibilities please refer to the pdf documents in the article description.
For more information about the warranty please check our terms and conditions.

Are the any restrictions on the use of the BikeYoke?
We carefully designed our BikeYokes to make sure it fits the requirements of the intended use of your bike. Please refer to the intended use of your bike in your original bike-documents or manuals. With your BikeYoke you can use your bike in the same way as you are allowed to use it with the original equipment. Use your BikeYoke only with the frame model, we designed it for!


What does B1 and A1/A2  stand for, when I want to buy a BikeYoke DeHy for my Reverb?
A1/A2 and B1 are referring to the different Reverb versions.
A1/A2 Reverbs are model years 2011-2016
B1 Reverbs are the latest version, which is  model year (MY) 2017.
It is very easy to find out, whether you have a B1 or A1/A2 Reverb:
B1 versions have a golden "ROCKSHOX" logo on the upper tube. You can check our DeHy article description, where we show a picture of a B1 version.
A1/A2 do not have this logo.
Please note, that B1 versions are MY 2017, but they were already available by mid of 2016 in some complete bikes or shops. So don´t go by the year you bought it. 

What kind of Triggy do I need for my dropper post?
Triggy front has a confirmed fit to following posts:

  • Kindshock LEV, LEV Integra, Supernatural
  • Race Face Turbine
  • 9Point8 Fall Line
  • Easton Haven
  • Specialized Command Post
  • X-Fusion Hilo SL
  • Thomson Elite (old version)
  • BikeYoke REVIVE
Triggy rear has a confirmed fit to following posts:
  • Fox Transfer
  • Marzocchi Transfer
  • Giant Switch SL
  • Thomson Covert
  • Thomson Elite (new version)
  • Gravity Dropper
  • Vecnum Movelock
  • YEP Uptimizer
How can I mount the Triggy remote to my handlebar?
You can mount our Triggy in several ways:
  1. You use our smart "Splits" clamp as a stand-alone solution
  2. You directly combine it with your SRAM brake via "Matchmaker", or with your Magura brake with Magura´s "Shiftmix", or with your Hope brake using their " Hope shifter mounts", or with your Formula brake with Formula´s "Mixmaster". 
  3. You combine Triggy with your I-spec compatible Shimano brake-lever, using one of our smart I-Spec adapters
  4. You mount it with a regular SRAM trigger clamp


What is the warranty on the seatpost?
Our REVIVE dropper post comes with a full 2 year warranty on any defects or issues that are not caused by normal wear, when maintained properly.
Bushings and wipers, guiding pins and also surface coatings are parts/features (as an example) that experience normal wear over time any may have to be replaced or renewed. This is normal and is not subject of a warranty case.
Sealings inside the post, like o-rings are not expected to wear over a long time under normal conditions (they are expected to last much longer than 2 years). However, if there should be any problem with a REVIVE post, caused by a defective hydraulic sealing part within the warranty period, we will replace those parts and you will get a full rebuild (including new bushings, new wiper, new pins) free of charge at one of our service centers around the world, if you send the post to them.

Where do you have service centers?
Currently we have service centers in:
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Chile
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • UK
  • USA
You will find the contact information to those service centers on our contact page on this website.
We are carefully picking our distributors, to make sure, they can fulfil our high standards of service provision.
If you live inside EU and we do not have a distributor for your country, yet, then Lemonshox in Germany will be happy to take care of you.
We are extending our distributions and will update the list, once we found an agreement with a partner, that we think can fit our requirements.

Is there a weight limit on the REVIVE dropper post?
Our REVIVE has a maximum rider weight limit (fully equipped) of 115kg.

Will you have spare parts for REVIVE?
We will have all important spare parts available in our online shop and at our distributors for reasonable prices. Bushings, sealing kits, pins, bolts, saddle clamps, ... All those parts will be available for you, in case you should need them. If you need a spare part, that we do not have in the webshop, please contact us by email, and we will get it done.

How often do I need to use the reset-function of REVIVE?
Use your reset function only, if your post starts to get springy. Normal riding does usually not cause the post to become springy.The post can become springy, if you transport or store it upside down or laying horizontally. Also you should reset your post after you first receive it or after first installation.
In very rare cases you might need to repeat the reset procedure to achieve a 100% reset.