BikeYoke USP - Update Service Program

Dear BikeYoke friends and fans, please allow us to introduce the unique BikeYoke Service Program.

If you have any questions, that are not answered below, then please shoot us an e-mail at
USP-specific inquries or questions sent to another bikeyoke e-mail address can not be answered. You need to send your inquriy to

If you are a happy owner of a first generation REVIVE and have taken good care of her, you are probably wondering, if it is possible to update her to a REVIVE 2.0 with all the new features.
Yes, it is - and we want to make it possible during a regular full service without extra cost.

How it basically works

  1. You fill in the BikeYoke-USP form and send your inquriy to (do not send it to any other e-mail address!). The USP form will be available here for download from Sep.01-Oct.31, 2020. We reserve the right to terminate the sign-up period ahead of time.*
  2. We will then check if the post eligible for USP (don't be too afraid of the terms above, but we need to set boundaries).
  3. Once your inquriy has been processed, we will assign you the most suitable participating service center(s).
  4. You can then get in touch with the respective service center(s) and book and schedule your update service. 
​*Because we need to respect the capacities of our service centers, we reserve the right to end the sign-up ahead of time. On the other hand, an extension of the program is also not out of question. 

Of course, we need to carefully and properly schedule this project to evaluate the demand of parts we need to provide to our service centers.
That is, why the sign-up is centralized through us (BikeYoke) directly and will be running within a limited time period from Sep. 01-Oct. 31, 2020.
The actual rebuild of your post will then most likely happen after the end the of sign-up period, but can be discussed with the service centers. If they have enough stock of spare parts, they may also do it earlier. 
In any case the rebuild must be scheduled for before the end of the year 2020.

We kindly ask you to understand that the BikeYoke Update Service Program is limited to the original purchaser of the REVIVE.
This is why we will ask you for a purchase receipt.

The post must be provided in proper working and appropriately serviced/maintained condition, when you send it in.
If the service center upon inspection finds the post to require additional repairs or spare parts - beyond the ones which are included in a full service - more cost may arise, which are not covered by the standard service rate.



  • What do I pay, what do I get?
You will basically book in for a regular full service at one of our service centers and your get your REVIVE not only fully serviced, but rebuilt with parts of the REVIVE 2.0 update, such as the 3D forged upper tube unit and the new CNC machined actuator leverage at no extra cost. You only pay the standard service rate, which you would also normally pay for a full service.
Please note: We do not have a global pricing for the service rates. Every service center has its own standard rates, which they define by themselves.
  • When can I sign up? 
You can sign up for BikeYoke USP from Sep.01-Oct.31, 2020​​.
  • Where can I get my post USP'ed?
​A list of participating service centers can be found in our dealer map (the map may be updated).
You will be assigned the closest or most convenient service center by us.
  • When can I get my post rebuilt?
​In order to plan and schedule the program, we need a sign-up period to evaluate the amount of parts we need to provide to our service centers. After the sign-up period the service centers will receive the parts and the rebuilds can start. You will get the actual date for your rebuild/service from your service center.
  • Is it also possible to change the travel of my post?
Unfortunately, this is not possible.
  • ​Is it also posible to upgrade other posts, such as REVIVE MAX or DIVINE or DIVINE SL/Rascal?
BikeYoke USP is exclusively for REVIVE dropper posts not for other models.